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Nicole Laboratory – A Better Life for Sensitive Skin

The fruit of the marriage of a thermal spring water with exceptional benefits and the unequalled expertise of sensitive skin specialists, Nicole Laboratory Dermatological Laboratory partners with 25,000 dermatologists worldwide. It is a real community born of a forty-year relationship that goes far beyond everyday support in caring for sensitive skin. Working together on exclusive clinical studies, combining dermatological expertise, contributing to continuing education and socially responsible actions...day after day, we are creating a better life for people with sensitive skin by working hand in hand with these skincare health professionals.

Medical Cosmetic

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Understanding needs, inventing solutions

Designed along the lines of therapeutic adjuncts, our skincare products aim to help dermatologists to reduce dosages, improve compliance, and even to limit certain cutaneous side effects caused by medical treatments. Obtaining formulas of this kind, which are perfectly tailored to dermatologists' needs in terms of effectiveness, tolerance and cosmeticity, means establishing an extremely close working relationship with them. And this must be true of each step in designing a skincare product, from identifying a need to putting in place strict clinical studies.

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